Pet memorial tile - granite with chain saw carved bears

Chainsaw Carved Bears

How did I ever get involved in this?

I’ve always loved art. All art, but art that is simple and makes people think – What? How? When did you…?

A few years back I was looking for a chainsaw carved bear for my backyard. As a website designer at and awesome company (HenkinSchultz) with a passion for SEO, I looked all over the internet targeting the Sioux Falls/southeast part of South Dakota, looking for a carver. I couldn’t find anything.

What I did find was a book online on how to give it a try yourself. The tree in my front yard was getting thicker branches that my sheers could no longer handle anyway. So I needed a chainsaw.

That was September of 2017. Since then, I try to make a few every summer.

Carved Bears (Pickup Only| Contact for shipping)

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