Personalized Tumblers in Sioux Falls, SD
Spray Paint Tumbler
Personalized Tumblers in Sioux Falls, SD
Dog mom tumbler various colors

Custom Tumblers

I can take a stainless steel tumbler and apply color, wood grain, cow hide and other designs to it. I can even add your logo for a beautiful embedded look, glazed with epoxy.

Drink holders I’ve done:

  • Can koozies, coozies
  • Coffee tumblers
  • Skinny koozies, coozies
  • 15-32oz tumblers

Custom tumblers start at $25. Sorry no discount for bulk orders at this time. Each tumbler is handmade and takes a few hours to make. 48-72 to fully cure.

Did you know?

Never put custom tumblers in the dishwasher and never drop them as the epoxy can crack and leave you heart broken.

Pink Converse Chuck Taylor Shoe inspired tumblers
custom tumbler
Alex Baseball custom tumbler
Woodgrain can zoozie - epoxy
beer tumbler