Update: May 2024 – It’s only fair to update this post to say that the product Liquid Stainless Steel Pain is pretty much a waste of time and money if you want it to last more than a year on the “top” of you stove. The oven door has held up, but this paint is similar to latex paint on a smooth metal service and can be easily peeled off from any starting point of a scratch. I ultimately built a noodle board to cover up the white spots all over the top. But if you are looking for a temporary solution, read on!

If your refrigerator starts giving you issues like mine did – it may be time for a new one. My fridge was white, and the best deal I could find was a stainless steel colored fridge. My other appliances were white and black. Did this mean I would have to get all new appliances so they matched?


I did a little research and found that with merely a foam brush and a product called Liquid Stainless Steel Paint, I could save hundreds of dollars by painting my stove to match my new refrigerator.

The two pint system also had enough to paint the above-the-stove fan. With some Liquid Stainless Steel Paint still left over, I will have enough enough product to paint a dishwasher door or microwave.

When using this paint, the most important part is to be sure to follow the directions closely. It’s a good product if used correctly.


  1. Clean your appliance thoroughly
  2. Mix product well before application.
  3. Paint on thin coats – multiple thin coats. Up to five coats.
  4. This is a two part systems, so patience is a must.

More thorough directions are provided by the manufacturer, but those are the main points to make sure your appliance turns out great.

Product you need:

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